Just Like Fate - Cat Patrick, Suzanne Young Overall, I love this book! It reminds me of Pivot Point but so much better!! Caroline is faced with a choice one night when her sick grandmother was at a hospital of whether she would accept her friend's invitation to a party or stay beside her dying grandmother who she was living with for the past years after her mom and dad got divorced. So basically every chapter is an interchanging story of what happened when Caroline stayed and went. What I love most about this book is that each choice has its consequences. Each choice has made her go through a lot of pain and hardship which in the end made her stronger and more mature. I love that both story has basically the same substance and end. Although I'm really really curious to know as to whether she stayed or went but whatever, either choice has given me my happy ending so I'm not complaining but I must admit, I LOVE her choice of going more than staying because I think it is where she has grown more. This was a book about Caroline's grieving process and reconciliation with the members of her family, most especially with her sister Natalie. Both decision made her relationship with each one of her parents and siblings much better and peaceful. I may be annoyed as to who Caroline became when she didn't go to the party. It felt like she became weaker and more prone to stupidity instead of being braver. But I guess the end made up for her bad decisions. Also it felt like Caroline and Chris' connection in this decision was forced and maybe she was too trusting of Chris? I mean, "what if" Chris was a psycho stalker?? Right?? That is why I like her decision of going to the party better. Because even if it seemed like she ran away from her grief and problems, at least she became a stronger person and there was more build up in Caroline and Chris' relationship. Although I think they fell in love too fast I can overlook it given that Chris is such an adorable and sweet boyfriend.

So yeah, this was a nice book, made me tear up a little beat, made me smile and fall in love with Chris so I suggest you pick this one up, it's worth your time promise :)