Daughter of Smoke & Bone - Laini Taylor
“Love is a luxury.”
“No. Love is an element.”
An element. Like air to breathe, earth to stand on”

What can I say? As how everyone was amazed and in love was with this book, I can't say I'm any different. I love this book. Most definitely one of the best books I've read so far in 2013. It's all about seraphs and chimaera in a whole new level!!! Yes in mundane terms it's about angels and demons, but hey who says we need to be mainstream? I love how serious seraphim and chimaera sound like so let's go with those terms ;) This book took my breath away. It tells us about love, the tragedy of being in love and the greatness of love. It's all about love being lost and then found. Cheezy right? Weeell, you'll get me once you read it. Let me tell you first how my love story began with tis book...

The day finally came that courage seized me and pushed me to pick up this book everyone was so gushy about. And so I did. But then I didn't get it. I was really really frustrated with it and I thought the writing bored me. So I did not finish this book. Imagine what a loss it has been had I not picked it up again!! Goodreads told me that I first gave it a try in October 2012. 8 months after I badly want to give this book a second chance. And I did. And I fell in love. And I didn't get how stupid I was for giving up on it back then!! I even thought I finished this book and just didn't like it. Turns out I wasn't even halfway through it and that I was missing a lot. And thus begin my infatuation with this book. Which I am now proclaiming has evolved to true love :P yeah well even in real life, with an amazing book, insta-love can happen :P

What amazes me besides the writing, because mind you it was phenomenal, was the construction of two worlds and how a raging war has been going on ever since and so long that it came to a point where they don't even know what they were fighting for anymore. So if you haven't read the synopsis this is the tragedy of a seraphim and chimaera falling in love with each other. The twists and turns, deceits and lies, envy and jealousy and most especially the love of a creature for its own kin, of an enemy for the other nemesis was breathtaking. I don't know if I should feel happy because they are in love or miserable because I know their happiness is short-lived. This book gave me so much feels that I was absorbing every single word and trying to prolong this read as much as I can just to not part with it. The character I prolly most admire here is Brimstone. So much sacrifices and love even I will be overwhelmed with so much gratitude. I can't even start Days of Blood and Starlight for fear that it might leave me hanging and I'd have to wait for almost 10mos for the next book. This book does not warrant a bullshit because every single happening in this book is so real and so raw you yourself would wonder how a human being can create such greatness. SO. FREAKING. AMAZING. That's all I can say. The writing + a great story line + great characters = BEST BOOK EVER. So never doubt the book geeks who are saying this book is beyond great because I shit you not, this book really is living up to the hype ;)