The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls - Claire Legrand "But it's hard to leave a place when you're tied to it by fear, when it's broken you with fear, when it's all you've ever known.”

Well this is a nice book! Okay, not really nice nice book because, yeah this was one creepy book but it is an interesting read. I mean at first I was expecting to be creeped out the whole time I was about to read this book only to be disappointed. But the lack of creepiness still makes this book a nice read.

I like Lawrence because he is such a dedicated friend. I love his conviction and bravery. I also like Victoria even if at the first part she was being a snooty, over-achiever, little brat. But I understand why she is the way she was. She is living in a neighborhood where everything seems perfect. She has to live up to her parents' and the community's expectations that's why she has been so uptight. But what made me adore her was her bravery and the fact that she stayed a true and loyal friend to Lawrence. I love her dazzles!!! I bet she looks cute trying to look threatening :))) it makes me smile whenever she'd try to give people her dazzle to scare them away or to take her seriously. Very smart girl indeed and one who is determined and hard to break :) truly in this book we see the true value of friendship and how Vicky's relationship with Lawrence went from a charity case to a unique, valued and special friendship.

Now back to the book, further down the story I didn't think the story would get any creepier. Guess what? It did. I think despite the roaches and Mrs. Cavendish's antics what I found out in the last 40 pages of the book creeped me out the most. You know the movie, Coraline? This has the feel of that movie. Although I must say, Coraline is still 10x weirder. And that ending!! Oh I don't know what to feel about the ending, I guess it's up to our imagination to continue the book. All in all, a great read that will surely give you the creeps! :)