Dirty Red (Love Me With Lies, #2) - Tarryn Fisher Huh. I expected the bomb that was dropped in the very last line of this book. I know this was supposedly Leah's story (since it was in her POV) but I kinda wanted more of Olivia. She grew into my heart despite just reading about her recently :P I bet Leah will be enraged to know that even a fan like me chooses Olivia over her ;) there were flashes of pity I felt for Leah in some parts but then it will be quickly gone and replaced with an anger/dislike towards her. I really don't like the bitchy dirty red. because she was a snob and everything a horrible person is. I get it she comes from a family where her own parents don't want her but seeing as how miserable that was, shouldn't she be trying to become a better person and a better mother instead of sulking in her pity-party and make excuses as to why she is living a pathetic life? If Leah was not an obsessive manipulator, maybe I would have liked her. More of Caleb will be so much nicer too. And I'm glad we'll be getting that on book3. Can Ms. Fisher release it now? i'm itching to know what happens next in their too messed up life. So many lies and fucking dramas, I actually pity them all. I wonder whether a happy ending is even possible for each one of them. Caleb and Olivia are still obviously too stuck with their past relationship. They want each other so much it makes Leah look like an annoying parasite lurking when no one even wants her presence. I mean seriously, dense much?! Apparently in this book, the famous line "If you love someone, set them free" is overrated. I NEED BOOK 3 now!