Dare You To - Katie McGarry Got approved too!! Weeeee. I think it's on auto approve ;) Now all I have to do is figure out how to read books from Netgalley :))))

DAMN! Katie McGarry really CAN write!! This is really really good and I love this one as much as I love Pushing the Limits. The woman puts depth in her writing, and very few authors can manage to do that. This book made me laugh, smile, giggle and tear up at times. I. Just. Love. It. Can't wait for Isaiah's story! As much as I want to babble about Beth and Ryan, I can't now :P I'll post the long review sometime when it's near the publication date. For now all I can say is, THIS WAS ONE HELL OF A BOOK WITH ONE HELL OF A WRITING. You're missing a lot if you don't pick this one up in June ;) One word: CAN. *wink* ;)