Poison Princess - Kresley Cole The book was... Frustratingly good. But I didn't get the ending. Can someone please tell me if something significant was reveled in the ending? Because I'm kind of slow when it comes to cryptic endings or am I just dumb for missing it's message? I was frustrated with Jack mostly because he keeps acting like a total dickwad and asshole!!! Please make me understand why you are swooning for such a guy? Unless he does something really heartwarming in the next book I might consider him for Evie. But until fucking then, I want a new potential who will treat Evie right. And up until now I'm frustrated because I need more of the book. I feel like I'm nearing the exciting parts and reveals of the book but I had to waste my time with this first book.... SEE HOW FRUSTRATING THAT CAN BE. Sigh. I need to calm down and find a book that will satisfy my excitement and need. Again.... SIGH.