The Sea of Tranquility - Katja Millay WARNING: This is an informal review. I swear, reading this book will be the most life changing thing you will ever do in the span of your life. You won't freaking regret picking up this book, take my word for it. This is just my lame attempt of appeasing myself, calming my emotions down and trying to get over this book. Because that's just how I am. When I come across an awe-inspiring book I tend to not dwell too much on it and move on as fast as I could because there's no point in gushing over something that I've already read. And sometimes what's done is done and we just have to accept it. So now I'm in stage one.... Denial.... In denial that I have encountered this masterpiece and that I am done reading and devouring every single page of it. So you've been warned.. some thoughts may be repetitive, unoriginal, jumbled, incoherent and cliche... but it is 100% truth.

You know what? Nothing beats the feeling of finding a book worth reading more than anything else. its like finding a needle out of a haystack, or finding the best looking cardigan hidden beneath all those pile of clothes in a thrift store! I just want to hold on to this book and keep it like my own secret. Yes... like my OWN SECRET. It needs to be shared so that it gets the attention I know it deserves but then it also feels like this book must be shared to those who are only DESERVING to be graced with its greatness. Amazing books like this needs to be shared to people who are ACTUALLY worthy of reading such!!! And I'd hate for it to become a bandwagon or for people who don't really read PRETEND to understand the depth this book offers.

Now this... This book.... I have no definite words to describe how I'm feeling about this book right now. Just that I've found in this book what I think is lacking from all the other books I think I love until I've read this one. Now I'm writing this review more to appease myself and the roller coaster of emotions it has put me through than to encourage everyone to read it and rather than to please the author. This book did not receive so much buzz which I think it should have and right now I'm still wondering why it hasn't?! Because I've been totally blind sided by this one!!! I dived into this book without really having any expectations and a wee bit skeptical and also without trying to decode what it's blurb is all about. Because all through out the book I kept on being hit with loads of surprises that just made me want to go on. Until I loved every single one of the characters no matter how messed up and fucked up they may have been. No matter how self-destructive and self-loathing they were, it didn't stop me from wanting to be dragged deeper into their world. The emotions were so real on so many levels it made me want to cry and giggle at the same time!! There were a lot of what the fuck moments during the climax but at the end it still made you want to forgive them for fucking up. At the start I keep thinking why there were a lot of words... because there really were A LOT of them. Every page is filled up and there was no space left unfilled with words. I thought the author was being very wordy, but even before I'm halfway through I'm enjoying every single word I'm reading and if it's even possible for the author to write more words for every single thing that has been happening, I would no doubt be eating it up. And even their term of endearment does not bother me by one bit!!! IT REALLY FREAKING DIDN'T. Had such term of endearment came up on books with shit load of cheesyness, I would have gagged!! But never had I once cringed whenever Josh would call Nastya his SUNSHINE. Yep, may sound cheesy here but I guarantee you once you've read the book you may have mentally slapped yourself for even thinking that it was cheesy. A great book will give you characters you will love even if they are supposed to be hateful--- and that was what this book did. It gave me a bunch of characters I LOVE NO MATTER HOW SELF DEPRECIATING THEY MAY GET. But the wisdom imparted by each character was priceless and I think that is what I love the most!

This book fits as a stand alone and i think i would throw a fit if there would be a sequel, not that i don't want to see more of Nastya/Emilia/Sunshine and Josh, it's just that 1 book seems right! And anything more than 1 feels like it's going to be ruined. For me the book was a long read (not long exhausting read, more of long yet enjoyable in so many levels kind of read) and I wish it would've continued more maybe a thousand pages more (although I don't know what more would I have wanted to happen, just that I want to keep on being in their world) that I don't want the story to end but somehow I just know it would and that it has to because it's the right thing to happen and it's one of the things that would make this book just PERFECT.

One thing I'm having a problem with now is..... How the fuck will I find another book that will match the greatness of this one?! I won't use the term awesome this time because I think I reserved such praise for cute books and this book was just 10000 times beyond cute!!! This book was just FUCKING AMAZING. Now really tell me, should I take a hiatus on reading or maybe just totally give it up because I don't think I will get over the amazingness (I know.. I know it's not even a real word) of this one.

Idont know how im going to get down from this high.... I feel lost after finishing this one...