Rivals - Lauren Kunze, Rina Onur Hmmmm. My feelings about the book is neutral. Just.... meh. Still, I am thoroughly impressed with the authors' work! And *gasp* they used to go to Harvard (well I guessed that one from the looks of the legit infos they were disclosing about Harvard), were roommates and bestfriends and that some parts of the books were true!!!! Can you please enlighten us? You guys unceasingly amaze me :")

I am very very disappointed with Clint. What a douchebag. What an asshole. What a jerk. What a liar. What a bastard :| I expected more from him!!! Like he was a martyr or a saint who's going to love Callie unconditionally. I can't believe it :| I wanted Bolton's competition to be a saint... not a douche!!!! Someone who has fallen head over heels in love with Callie :(

As for Gregory... why does it feel like everytime the book ends he is always MIA (aka Missing In Action!? I mean seriously, if I recall everything right =)))) And I really really thought that the book would end on the part when they were stranded. I guess not. And when the moment that I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN WAITING FOR, which is some ALONE TIME FOR GREGORY AND CALLIE, finally arrived it has to end too soon. I mean come on guys!! I need more Gregory-Callie romance here. I can't feel the love! I can't even feel Gregory's pain. All I can feel is Callie's pain whenever Clint does things an awful boyfriend would do. I hope that the next book will not drag. And that I need.. as in NEED more romantic moments between Gregory and Callie. I need to feel their love! I need to feel their prolonged pain for not being together because of a messed up situation. I need to feel their longing!!!! I need more emotions in the upcoming book! Whenever I feel like the book is doing something right it backfires. Like it ends too soon or something is definitely lacking! So please, make me feel what the characters are feeling :)

I am not in love with Rivals but since I'm in love with the series and the first two books I urged myself to read it. And it's not so bad. After all, when you love someone (or something) you tend to over look everything. You tend to feel like everything about it is perfect. Anyyyways, I hopy you guys make the next book more interesting. Thank you! Wondering how many books will there be for this series. Glad to know, though that this series won't be ending soon because for sure I'll be missing Callie and Gregory and Mimi and Vanessa and Matt and OK and fine.... Dana =))))

Thank you authors for sharing your masterpiece with us!! The joy that you share is priceless :D