Hopeless - Colleen Hoover “Good,” he says. He reaches his hand out on the concrete between us and wraps his pinky around mine.”

Can I cry? That's all I really want to say in this review :))) I don't know what else there is to say! This book broke my heart. I know that Coleen Hoover is a great writer because a handful of bookworms LOVE her book, Slammed which I admittedly haven't finished yet until now because somehow the main character is annoying. I don't know why, she just... Annoys me and I wish she didn't so that I could love the book as much as the others did. Anyway, so I was wee bit skeptical into picking up this book but glad that I did. And although there were cheeezy moments that made my eyes roll (I just really hate it when couples get too corny) there were also moments that made me giggle and sigh wishing one day I'll have moments like Sky and Holder's. actually I have mixed emotions but still gave it a 5. Because I honestly think it deserves a 5 because the issues discussed DO happen and it didn't feel like they were forced. It felt real which was why my heart broke into tiny little pieces. But I don't think I'll be rereading this anytime soon because the pain it gave me is unbearable I don't think I can go through it again. I just want to forget it :))) and with this, I'm thinking of maybe giving Slammed a second chance ;)

PS I even thought this was a paranormal book because Holder was acting weird in the first part of the book. I love starting books without having a clue what it's about or without fully grasping what the blurb says because I like it when I'm surprised as to what the book is going to drop on me. I don't even fully read the reviews just the first few parts containing worships and praises to encourage me more into picking up the book ;)