Nantucket Blue by Leila Howland

Nantucket Blue - Leila Howland
“Feelings find each other, I thought. Let one in and the others follow. At that moment it seemed that all our feelings were shimmering above us, around us, in a new and stunning constellation.”

This review might contain mild spoilers :)

I loved this book! I was kind of hesitant starting this one seeing that there are mixed reviews about this book, but after reading it, I'm glad I gave it a chance! It was not a perfect story that will cling on to you for life, but it sure is something that will make you feel a lot of things in just a span of hours. I personally think that Cricket is somehow lost. She is A product of a broken family, having parents who are divorced and living with her mom who is too miserable to function. She finds home and solace in her best friend, Jules' family until one night Jules' mom was found dead due to aneurysm. For me, Jules was a pretty crappy friend. I mean, I get it. Your mom died, but no need to be a bitch to your best friend who practically just wants to help you through your grief. Cricket is really an awesome friend despite the sleeping with your best friend's younger brother part. But hey, I totally understand, love is strange and unpredictable we never really know when it will suddenly hit us or to whom we are going to share it with. I mean if I were Cricket, I'd say screw this friendship and screw you Jules, we're done!!! But of course that's not who Cricket is. She is this true and loyal friend to Jules that every opportunity she gets to apologize to Jules she doesn't let it pass.

I just really enjoyed reading this book. Yes, there were dramas but they were believable. Nothing overdone nor shallow. And during Cricket's darkest moment, I sympathized with her. I love how I can almost feel the protagonist's pain and not get annoyed at her for being overly dramatic. And atleast Cricket doesn't hide under the rock for too long, she actually, eventually (wo)mans up and does what she has to do! This chick has grown her own pair and confidently stood up to those mean people. I admire Cricket because she is just trying to be herself— a human with flaws and imperfections but doing her best to turn what she has into her best asset and conquer her world. This was a light, fun and quick read that will surely make you laugh, tear up a little, maybe even break your heart but overall feel proud as to how much Cricket has matured all throughout her journey in Nantucket :)