All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terrill

All Our Yesterdays - Cristin Terrill

I'm conflicted whether to give this book 4 stars or 3 stars but for now I'm rating it 3. I mean... I liked it. Or maybe I thought I like it because of the stellar reviews this book has been receiving from my Goodreads friends. There's just this one part in the story which could have thrown the plot in a different direction. The doctor is smart right? After reading the scene where James asked for future Em and Finn to bring younger James to him..., I can't engage in the story anymore. They could have avoided the whole debacle had that scene didn't happen. But really what threw me off was that how could the doctor risk it??? He knows that his life is in their hands as much as their lives are in his, so why not end it already? Why go through something that obviously will get him killed? Ugggggh. Can someone please make sense of the doctor's decision because maybe I just missed something. Really disappointed. :( This would have been a great story though had the doctor made a smarter decision and made the conflict more believable instead of too convenient for the characters. At first it annoyed me why can't she just kill him but towards the end, I understood. But really, the doctor's stupid decision keeps on nagging me, I can't move on.