The Distance Between Us - Kasie West
“Because you know everything is going to be okay. This is like the calm after the storm. Everything has settled, and even though it left destruction in its wake, you know the worst is over.”

This book was a light read that will leave you with a happy heart. No heavy emotions involved, just two persons living different lives, connecting with each other. I like how the story played out although I really didn't connect with the characters until the middle part of the book. The writing was no doubt beautiful! Even in Pivot Point, I have come to like Kasie West's writing. Although the ending left me a little bit lacking and wanting for more closure and definite happy ending, I guess? Or maybe Kasie West didn't want the ending overdone and make everything too convenient for the protagonist.

“I’ve seen lots of broken dolls in my life. Some with damage as small as a missing finger but others with dislocated limbs or cracked skulls. None of that compares to how broken I feel right now”

I like Caymen and her dry humor. But I must put it out in the open, I find the name Caymen weird but unique so I guess it works for me! I wonder why the author decided to name her Caymen.. Hmm.. Anyway as I said, I like her humor and sarcasm. It makes her an interesting protagonist who won't bore you with all the cliché that comes with one. Xander is a very likable leading man too! With all his rich glory and yet humble attitude, it's not hard to fall for his charm. The romance between them was also light, nothing too extreme, even the problems they had to go through. I'm glad that Xander is not a jerk to Caymen and that they were able to get past through their insecurities.

All in all the book was a fast read which everyone who has a soft spot for sarcastic protagonists will surely love. A nice break from all the heavy, emotional contemporary reads as well as from the paranormal world. It feels like a cleansing of some sort so I enjoyed reading it. :)