The Book of Broken Hearts - Sarah Ockler "Don't settle... You see something, some chance for something great, you take it. You grab your keys and jump on your bike and go, no regrets."

The book of broken hearts.. Well let me tell you, this book really breaks hearts. It broke mine. The Alzheimer's of Jude's father and his episodes of mistaking people for another and suddenly not recognizing where he is is truly and deeply heartbreaking.

"How could someone so whole and alive be shriveling up inside?"

And for Jude to witness it and have to deal with it is understandably painful and hard on her part. Because at her age, her father is supposed to be the one taking care of her and not the other way around. And Jude seeing her father's memory slowly degenerating and dwindling into an abyss is truly gut wrenching. And honestly I hate her "bestfriend" Zoe at for being a coward and not doing her job as Jude's friend. She's supposed to be one of those people who understands instead of those who criticize and judge with their narrow minds. Never mind those pricks, it was really touching that Jude is doing the Valentina restoration in the hopes of his father getting better. And I admire her for not losing hope despite the doctor's advices. No wonder her father loves her most among his daughters.

"Maybe it was the long goodbye, the longest one ever. But it was worse than that too. Because in that goodbye were a hundred hellos, everyday brand new, as if we were meeting for the very first time."

Now Jude and her sisters made a pact a long time ago that they will never ever get involved with any of the Vargas brothers since Celi (one of Jude's older sisters) got her heart broken by a Vargas. I though it was a simple cheating stint done by her boyfriend but it turned out it was something deeper and more heartbreaking. BUT 5yrs after, it should not have been this big of a deal especially when it comes to Jude who was only a kid back then. And besides, Emilio didn't do anything to deserve their wrath just because he is the brother of the bastard who broke Celi's heart!

And ahh, Emilio. One like-able male specimen who may come off as a cliche being a badass ducati/harley/bike loving and owning mechanic with a big heart, BUT there's something unique in him I can't quite pinpoint that still makes me swoon :P and the banter between the two of them!!! They were so cute and Jude is too cute trying to resist Emilio's charms when we all know she won't last and will give in at the end of the day!!

"In a whole string of maybes, there was one thing I knew with absolute certainty. Eilio Vargas didn't deserve a page in the Book of Broken Hearts."

My teen tiny problem about the love story was that it lacks connection between Jude and Emilio. I mean, yes, it was described that both are attracted to each other but I didn't feel it. There was a tiny spark, but that was it. Also in between conversations, too much unnecessary details were thrown. I wish the conversations will just flow smoothly so their impact will be more significant.

All in all the book was a nice read and at the same time heavy and sad. It is a book that deals with a loved one who has Alzheimer's and how the Jude and her family coped with it. How despite every unfavorable situation they were put through their love for their father never wavered. This book taught me how to live life at its fullest and that love above everything else can conquer even Alzheimer's. Truly once again Ms. Ockler has managed to deliver one heartbreaking yet at the same time heartwarming read, tugging on our heartsrings yet again.