Ghost Hand - Ripley Patton 2 stars for Ghost Hand :) okay, so it doesn't mean that this book is horrible nor does it make it seem that it's a mindblowing read. It was just...okay.

What I liked about the book is how well-written it was. At first it was kind of interesting but I lost it somewhere mid part when I can't seem to really get into the story. The spark that we expect to feel in a book somtime after reading maybe 5 chapters was nonexistent. I kept going and reading thinking that "I'll get there, this book will have me hooked in no time" only to be disappointed.

It was kind of hard to understand the whole PSS thing and was weird to imagine people having glowing parts of their body. I can't seem to fully grasp the image nor understand how such thing works. I mean the idea is unique and that is what actually piqued my interest into reading this book but it felt like the phenomenon was not explained enough for the readers to have a deeper connection with the book. And the protagonist was... meh. She was okay. Although her struggle of being misunderstood and ousted by her peers was also not believable. I can't see her as the broken and misunderstood teen as she should come across, you know having the whole PSS thing. And how come she hates doctors! I mean, come on. Sometimes when your loved one has cancer the only assurance the doctors can give you are hope and faith and that is actually a nice thing. Would you have liked it better if the doctor was cold saying outright that your father is going to die, you should stop trying to fix him? I don't think so. Also she said doctors are cold and calculating then how come she still hates it when the doctors gave her hope, surely that's not a sign of hostility as how she described them, right? And the part where they all found out that Marcus is David she went all anti-Marcus saying how can they still follow his lead and then few hours after when the guys stayed behind as instructed by Marcus she chastises the guys saying how dare they stay behind after what Marus did for them. Seriously. She has some serious bipolar issues.

Also abnormalities like super powers are actually cool in X-Men but this was just.... I guess a failure to deliver a unique idea.

All in all I think the book was not able to captivate its audience as it should be although this book had a lot of potential. But I'm sure this will still be loved by sci-fi lovers out there. This book was just not for me. :)