The Mayfair Moon - J.A. Redmerski Well this book had A LOT of potential but failed to live up to it. I mean the concept is beautiful but the delivery was lacking. I may have loved this book back then during my Twilight-euphoric state but since I've already graduated from that kind of plot a long time ago, I can't come to appreciate this book. It had the whole insta-love theme which I was annoyed about. I mean seriously.. And even if they were falling in love, it doesn't feel like it. Every situation does not seem realistic. Even the twist on why Viktor cannot be killed felt like it was a necessity to keep the plot going so that it can be continued to a second book. Towards the end I was just skimming the book looking for interesting parts. I even skipped parts of Isaac and Adria's declaration of love for each other because blech... Where did you get that love from?! Sigh..... Now I need a good book.