Pureby Jennifer Armentrout

Pure - Jennifer L. Armentrout

Interpretation: 5/5-- And if a rating such as 100000000/100000000 exists, believe me I would have given it to this one!!! Such an amazing sequel!!! I am left speechless... just go buy this one NOW if you still don't have it!!!


THOUGHTS: Well.... that sequel definitely blew my mind!!!!! When I am using so many exclamation points, I am not exaggerating, it only means that the book was THAT AWESOME! FANTASTIC. REMARKABLE. SUPERB. AAAHHHH. I went crazy over this one! I've had an ARC of this one for a month now, sitting untouched on my Calibre and I don't know what the hell is wrong with me for not picking it up earlier!? The first book was great, but this sequel totally buried the first one! Pure is just f**king awesome!

It totally had me confused whether I'm for Aiden or Seth!!! It's like, most of the time I'm for Team Seth (since most of the time Alex is with Seth) and then the next thing I know I'm pining for Aiden! And then I'm furious at Aiden for being so confusing. I mean, what the hell!? What are you doing to me, Ms. Armentrout!?!? A loooot has happened in this sequel. I can't believe how Jennifer Armentrout was able to put all those bizarre events in just 329 pages! Felt like I've read a 600-page book (or was it just because I'm delaying Pure because I didn't want it to end?).

I will try to make this review as orderly as possible because I'm still high from reading Pure and I think I'm incapable of forming a coherent thought so please bear with me. ;-)

1. I freaking felt Alex's pain when Aiden rejected her and ended their training. I mean, what the hell, man up Aiden!! Cut the I'm-just-trying-to-protect-you bullcrap! If you love her, fight for her! I just think Aiden doesn't have the balls to profess his love for Alex and that makes him an asshole :- What's greater than dying for the one you love!? I say none. Or if it's reaaally a burden to be together, at least tell her that you love her! He didn't say that he loves her even just once! How cruel is he? :- He had multiple times to do so, Alex was always open with her feelings for Aiden but he kept turning it down. Which made me pro-Seth even more. And honestly Aiden is too uptight, he freaking needs to loosen up =))

“You’re a half-blood, Alex. You can’t love me, and pure-bloods don’t love halfs.”

I missed Aiden, missed him so badly. Hurt consumed every waking second, turning me into one of those girls whose world ended when a guy rejected them. I lived in this miserable state of existence—miserable and obnoxious.

2. I'm kind of pissed when Alex was not listening to what the Oracle was saying. Shouldn't she have learned her mistake already? Wasn't the Oracle supposed to be looked up as all-knowing and future-seeing that Alex should be busy trying to decipher what the hell was the Oracle talking about instead of brushing her off??? It was frustrating knowing that what the old lady was saying will make sense some time in the future and she was too bored to listen. At least in the end, she was kind of recalling what the Oracle has said and was trying to take it seriously.. I hope?

3. Did I mention that A LOT has happened in this book considering that it has only 329 pages? And with "A LOT" I meant not only between Alex and Aiden but also between Alex and Seth (which I loved more than the former!!)

4. Most of the time with the books I've been reading, it feels like I am always rooting for the 2nd lead guy instead of the main lead guy. And in Pure--- I am totally eating up Seth!! I know he is cocky and so full of himself and he has that hot and cold personality but when a guy of this kind falls in love--- he really FALLS in love HARD!!! That's why I am hoping that Alex will end up with Seth! Because in Pure, Seth has been the only ONE left for Alex!! Through EVERY PROBLEM that Alex went, Seth was the one comforting and taking care of her NOT Aiden. Aiden was always MIA or doing something council-related but Seth gave ALL of his time for Alex! So fuck you Aiden but nothing you can do will top what Seth has done for Alex! :)) And most of the time I just want to smack Alex for not SEEING Seth-- I mean REALLY SEEING him and his FEELINGS for her. By the way, I love the CUDDLE BUNNY endearment!! Aaaaaah, makes my heart melt into a puddle :""">

“Why’d you lock it?”
Seth threw me a mischievous grin. “I can’t have Marcus just walking in on us. What if I want to snuggle on these cold New York nights?”
My frown increased. “We don’t snuggle.”
He dropped his arm over my shoulder, and the scent of mint and something wild tickled my nose. “How about we cuddle?”
“We don’t do that either.”
“But you’re my cuddle bunny. My little Apollyon cuddle—”
---what is cute!?!?!?!? :">

5. The really realllyyyy unexpected part was Caleb's death! He should have not died!!! He was supposed to be Alex's bestfriend until the end :(((( It just freaking broke my heart :((( And I'm sorry but Olivia is a bitch! She wasn't the only one grieving for her loss, way before she became Caleb's girlfriend he was Alex's best friend first! And she was up for the whole sneaking-up-in-the-cafeteria plan so who was she to blame everything on Alex? Caleb was the one who knows EVERYTHING about Alex, about how she feels for her mom's loss and yet he was taken away from her. The only person to whom she felt at ease with and at home, the only person left familiar to her... but then he died :-< but you know who was there with her when she was grieving? Yep... it was SETH :-P So Seth's possessiveness was not an excuse for his absence and failure to give comfort!

Seth didn’t say anything after that, and eventually, my body relaxed and some of the hurt eased off. It was still there, but muted by Seth’s nearly overwhelming presence—the Apollyon connection doing its thing. Perhaps that was why Seth had made himself available. Or maybe he’d just wanted to witness my stupidity.

Eventually Seth seemed at a loss for what to do. He stretched out, wrapped his arm around me, and waited. It took a while for me to realize the heartache I felt had transferred to him. Seth didn’t know how to deal with it either, and at the beginning of the fourth day, it was like he, too, had lost his best friend. So we both lay there, silent and soul-sick. ---i honestly think that she is better off with seth!! look who has been there for her as she griefs for her bestfriend?
6. I am fucking infatuated with whatever is going on between Alex and Seth!!!! I wish Alex would give Seth a chance-- A REAL ONE. Because even though she said she would give what's happening between them a chance, it still feels like one affectionate move from Aiden and she's back into his arms. And I hate that!! I want Alex confused to the point that she'll reject Aiden's confession of love because a part of her loves Seth as much as she loves Aiden. But I can't blame her! Even I sometimes find myself grinning goofily over Aiden's action-- just one action and I'm Team Aiden again! SEE WHAT I MEAN WHEN I SAID ARMENTROUT IS SERIOUSLY CONFUSING ME!? Although let's be a honest it's kind of going to be Aiden and Alex in the end, won't it? No matter how we are for Team Seth right now she will somehow find a way to turn the table around. I just hope Armentrout will be able to do a damn well job in luring me back to Team Aiden! Because if she can't make Aiden top what Seth has already done for Alex, I suggest she doesn't try and just go with Seth and Alex. How I wish. I don't want Seth heartbroken at the end of the series :-< PLEASE?

Trusting Seth felt strange, mainly because I did… trust him. Not in the same way I would have placed my life in Aiden’s hands, but almost there—almost.
-Alex (awwww yay! Seth finally taking up some space in alex's heart :">)

7. What I love about Alex is that she is a kick-ass heroine but in times of uncontrollable circumstances she can also be a damsel in distress. Although she is very tough she can also be left vulnerable which is when her men can step in to take care of her :">

My temper snapped. “I can fight if one of you would give me one of those neat blades.”
Seth grabbed my arm. “All right, little Apollyon—who is not completely trained and is on the verge of becoming annoying—go with your uncle.”

This was how I was going to die—not in battle, not from the plot of some Council member hell-bent on destroying me, but trampled to death by a bunch of pure-bloods. Of all the ways to die.
I was so going to haunt every last one of them. ---LOL :))

FAVORITE (in addition to what I've already posted) ALEX-SETH MOMENTS!!
1. I tipped my head back, groaning. “Does what I want ever matter to you?”
“What you want always matters to me.” His face was serious. --yep im inlove with seth

2. “You smell like roses and summer.” He tossed the ball a little higher. “I like it.”
I choked. “I smell like summer? For real? Summer?”
“Yeah, you know. Warm. You always smell warm.”

3. Seth sighed. He was getting really good at the sighing thing. This one said I don’t know what to do you with sometimes. ---cute how alex seems to be getting to be more acquainted with what Seth's actions mean :">

4. “Dance with me.” I stared up at him. “What?”
-- i cannot take this anyyyymoooooreeeeeeee :">

5. He got pissy because he claimed I’d been watching Aiden when he’d shown up one day during our practice and worked out alongside us. Seth also claimed that I’d drooled on myself.
Not true.
Flushing with embarrassment and anger, I’d stormed off and left him standing in the middle of the field we’d practiced in. A short hour later, Seth reappeared with hamburgers and fries—my favorite—and I kind of forgave him. He’d had hamburgers; what else could I have done?

6. Then he looked over his shoulder, and dear gods, I never seen a man more surprised by a girl in a dress than Aiden. Okay. Lie. I had been just as surprised, and if he was thinking half of what I was thinking, I sort of wanted to hit him more than I usually did.

7. I slid my hand down her arm, threading my fingers through hers, and then I said the most ironic thing of all. “You know he’s not for you.”
“I know,” she whispered, and her desperation and pain blew back at me so strongly I struggled not to drown in it as Aiden turned around. Part of me wanted him to come back to her, just to end what she was feeling.

8.She looked like she wanted to argue that, but she got that look on her face that said she was thinking real hard. Brows knitted, nose scrunched a little, and lips parted. Cute. --Seth is paying so much attention on Alex :">

9. I wasn’t sure what I was doing. Yeah, I flirted with her and pushed the limits, but there was always this invisible line between us. It had a name—Aiden. But right now, that line had been drowned.

10. The marks stilled on my skin. She wasn’t thinking of me right now—son of a bitch. I dropped her, wincing when she smacked off the pool edge. “You’re thinking about Aiden.”



1. “Stop staring at me.” Aiden’s voice was gruff with sleep.
I jerked back an inch. Okay, maybe not a dream. “I’m not.”
He pried one gray eye open. “Yes, you are.” ---noooo!! armentrout is luring me in to aiden's side!!! and i think.. im falling =)))) argggg

2. “You told me you wanted to marry Seth’s bed, and then you told me you’d marry me if I asked. After that, you started to—”
“Enough,” I groaned, wanting to crawl under the blankets.
Aiden laughed. “It was actually kind of cute.” ---why is armentrout doing this to meeeeee, I am having one of those stupid grin on my face right nowwwwww. aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!

3. “I am! But… I don’t know. Things have just changed and… he’s been there for me,” I finished lamely.
A muscle started ticking along his jaw. “And I haven’t been. So you decided to be with Seth?” --YESSSS! Damn you alex. ahhhhh having mixed emotions here =))

~The ending was not really a huge cliffhanger although something BIG did happen towards the end of the book. Regardless, what I want on the 3rd book is for Alex to be with SETH and NOT AIDEN ;-) And after reading the 1st chapter of Deity I BADLY WANT TO GET MY HANDS ON IIITTTT. November 6th is so far away!!! :-<

And you know well enough that when I ENJOYED a book, a long review with countless exclamation points indicate that without a doubt every page of this book is WORTH READING.

PS: Dear Ms. Armemtrout,
I hope you never cease to be awesome ;)