Spell Bound - Rachel Hawkins Hmmmm. Well, I think Hex Hall ended well. I must say am a tad bit emotional because I came to love Sophie, Archer, Cal, Jenna and the rest of the characters but sadly we have come to a conclusion. And I was not disappointed, but raher satisfied. It feels sad that we have to part with the series but somehow it also feels right that it ended because a sequel would have ruined this elated feeling. It feels like at the end of it all, everyone was put to where they belong. Like there is this peace of mind Hawkins left us all with. Sophie is with Archer. And together with Jenna they will be spending another year at the newly reformed Hecate Hall. Sophie's parents got back together. Cal and Elodie found peace in the grounds of Hex Hall. A lot of action happened, lotsa confusion regarding their feelings and tons of revelations but despite those unfortunate mishaps they made it through and was still able to pull off a happy ending for themselves. :-) The book was not mindblowing or anything super special that I'd hyperventilate over but it is the conclusion that we expected and wanted. So yeah, every page was worth it :->