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GAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! This book is very very frustrating in the best possible way!!! This masterpiece knocked the breath out of me! Given that I'm not a fan of mermaids, or mermans (or is it mermen!?!?) or syrenas whichever way you want to call the half-fish half-human beings in this world, this book will MOST definitely be included in my Top 10 list of favorite books for 2012!!! This is my first mermaid-themed book and I loved every little detail about it! Really reallyyyyy loved it!

1. The Cover
You gotta admit that cover is very very pretty... and I must say, if you're one of those who judges a book by it's cover, THIS DOES NOT DISAPPOINT!

2. Blurb
A tad bit disappointed with the blurb... I mean, come on! That doesn't do the book justice!! As a non-mermaid fan, it did not interest me enough to even pick this book over my mountain-high TBR pile. If not for a Goodreads friend's review which I came across, I won't give this book a chance.

3. Author's style of writing
This book made me laugh my lungs out!!! This, by far, is the funniest book I've ever read! The author is not even trying hard when inserting humor in her writing-- and very few authors can do that. The writing sucked me in right from the very first page!!! Seriously! And that's why I love this book so much because it feels like none of my time was wasted because every second, every minute, every hour I spent reading this book was ENJOYABLE. Unlike other books which take some getting used to in the first few chapters before getting to the fun part.

4. Characters
Emma - I liked Emma's personality! She's bubbly, funny and could be very very stubborn when she wants things done her way.. but even if she's hardheaded you can't help but be very fond of her.
Galen - Ohhhh Galeeeeen!!!! Can I say, swoon? As in swoon x1000000000000. The word swoon can be overused with Galen. swoonswoonswoonswoonswoon. Words can't even describe how I love Galen!! He's hot, funny, sarcastic, a royal pain in the ass, SWEET :"> and dedicated to Emma :""">
Rayna - Rayna may be the biggest bitch you'll ever encounter but deep down she can also be a sweetheart. Her rudeness is like a barrier she put up so she can act tough and all but she can be a softy.
Toraf - I like how he is head over heels in love with Rayna despite her countless rejection! Whatever bitchiness Rayna throws at him doesn't stop him from wooing her.
Grom - is the broken brother who has responsibilities to fulfill. Smart.. but can still be fooled in times of emotional breakdown. I actually pity him :-<<br/>Rachel - I love Rachel!!! She may not be the warm motherly type but she puts sense into Galen and Rayna's head. I don't know how they would live without her <3<br/>*The syrenas' (yep, that how they are called) naivety when it comes to the humans adds to the book's humorous side!!!

5. Love story
Ahh, what's a good book without the heart-warming romance? I admit, Most of my favorite books have something to do with the wondrous romance built by the authors. Some may say it was too fast but for me it was alright. I really reallyyyy hate it when a girl falls in love at first sight!! Emma swooned over Galen at first sight because, who wouldn't!? With the gorgeous face and body, you're insane if you wouldn't do the same! But as Galen pursued her, Emma didn't budge easily. She rejected Galen like she doesn't want to have anything to do with him which makes the love story very very interesting! I always adore the love-hate relationship between the main characters! I love how Emma resisted Galen's charms! That's why when they did fall in love, it doesn't feel like they just met a month ago or that they were just pretend dating for weeks-- the rejection and then acceptance made every feeling of admiration and love real!

Over all? When this book comes out on May 22, 2012.. have no second thoughts and go run on to the bookstore nearest to you and purchase this one!!