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Besides reading, I do nothing but read. ;)

Shadows by Paula Weston

Shadows - Paula Weston

I can't believe I finished this one this fast. Wow. Great book with great characters. Review to come when I'm not busy anymore! :)

5th Wave by Rick Yancey

The 5th Wave - Rick Yancey

This was a great read! I did not expect to love this book and even thought that it might bore me to death, but glad that it didn't. The plot is somehow original and I love the characters! The very determined Cassie, the brave Ben, the passionate Evan, and the smart Sammy. The changing POVs confused me at first but then I got the hang of it. I love how the author played out the events and on how their paths crossed eventually. This book has a lot of potential to become a series favorite! The writing is beautiful as well. I am looking forward to the next installment— which hopefully will be more action-packed, interesting and captivating!

Out of Breath (Breathing, #3) - Rebecca Donovan I'm confused, honestly. I kind of don't get the whole point why she left. Uggggh. Could have been a great trilogy most especially with the first book!!! Everything just went downhill in this third installment. I'm disappointed.
Barely Breathing - Rebecca Donovan I was expecting something to happen... Like maybe Evan cheated on her and I was preparing myself for the blow but it didn't come. Huh. I guess Evan is really loyal. On to the last book!!!
Reason to Breathe (Breathing, #1) - Rebecca Donovan I liked the first half... Not sure about the second half though. Review to come after I read all three ;)
The Distance Between Us - Kasie West
“Because you know everything is going to be okay. This is like the calm after the storm. Everything has settled, and even though it left destruction in its wake, you know the worst is over.”

This book was a light read that will leave you with a happy heart. No heavy emotions involved, just two persons living different lives, connecting with each other. I like how the story played out although I really didn't connect with the characters until the middle part of the book. The writing was no doubt beautiful! Even in Pivot Point, I have come to like Kasie West's writing. Although the ending left me a little bit lacking and wanting for more closure and definite happy ending, I guess? Or maybe Kasie West didn't want the ending overdone and make everything too convenient for the protagonist.

“I’ve seen lots of broken dolls in my life. Some with damage as small as a missing finger but others with dislocated limbs or cracked skulls. None of that compares to how broken I feel right now”

I like Caymen and her dry humor. But I must put it out in the open, I find the name Caymen weird but unique so I guess it works for me! I wonder why the author decided to name her Caymen.. Hmm.. Anyway as I said, I like her humor and sarcasm. It makes her an interesting protagonist who won't bore you with all the cliché that comes with one. Xander is a very likable leading man too! With all his rich glory and yet humble attitude, it's not hard to fall for his charm. The romance between them was also light, nothing too extreme, even the problems they had to go through. I'm glad that Xander is not a jerk to Caymen and that they were able to get past through their insecurities.

All in all the book was a fast read which everyone who has a soft spot for sarcastic protagonists will surely love. A nice break from all the heavy, emotional contemporary reads as well as from the paranormal world. It feels like a cleansing of some sort so I enjoyed reading it. :)
Lick - Kylie Scott What I didn't get was that how can a guy possibly fall in love in one night? Not even a whole day. Just one night. I'm freaking confused! The plot was so not believable and I wish it had been so I could have liked it even more. But then where will the plot of a drunken marriage otherwise go other than insta-love?
Daughter of Smoke & Bone - Laini Taylor
“Love is a luxury.”
“No. Love is an element.”
An element. Like air to breathe, earth to stand on”

What can I say? As how everyone was amazed and in love was with this book, I can't say I'm any different. I love this book. Most definitely one of the best books I've read so far in 2013. It's all about seraphs and chimaera in a whole new level!!! Yes in mundane terms it's about angels and demons, but hey who says we need to be mainstream? I love how serious seraphim and chimaera sound like so let's go with those terms ;) This book took my breath away. It tells us about love, the tragedy of being in love and the greatness of love. It's all about love being lost and then found. Cheezy right? Weeell, you'll get me once you read it. Let me tell you first how my love story began with tis book...

The day finally came that courage seized me and pushed me to pick up this book everyone was so gushy about. And so I did. But then I didn't get it. I was really really frustrated with it and I thought the writing bored me. So I did not finish this book. Imagine what a loss it has been had I not picked it up again!! Goodreads told me that I first gave it a try in October 2012. 8 months after I badly want to give this book a second chance. And I did. And I fell in love. And I didn't get how stupid I was for giving up on it back then!! I even thought I finished this book and just didn't like it. Turns out I wasn't even halfway through it and that I was missing a lot. And thus begin my infatuation with this book. Which I am now proclaiming has evolved to true love :P yeah well even in real life, with an amazing book, insta-love can happen :P

What amazes me besides the writing, because mind you it was phenomenal, was the construction of two worlds and how a raging war has been going on ever since and so long that it came to a point where they don't even know what they were fighting for anymore. So if you haven't read the synopsis this is the tragedy of a seraphim and chimaera falling in love with each other. The twists and turns, deceits and lies, envy and jealousy and most especially the love of a creature for its own kin, of an enemy for the other nemesis was breathtaking. I don't know if I should feel happy because they are in love or miserable because I know their happiness is short-lived. This book gave me so much feels that I was absorbing every single word and trying to prolong this read as much as I can just to not part with it. The character I prolly most admire here is Brimstone. So much sacrifices and love even I will be overwhelmed with so much gratitude. I can't even start Days of Blood and Starlight for fear that it might leave me hanging and I'd have to wait for almost 10mos for the next book. This book does not warrant a bullshit because every single happening in this book is so real and so raw you yourself would wonder how a human being can create such greatness. SO. FREAKING. AMAZING. That's all I can say. The writing + a great story line + great characters = BEST BOOK EVER. So never doubt the book geeks who are saying this book is beyond great because I shit you not, this book really is living up to the hype ;)
Killing Sarai (Killing Sarai, #1) - J.A. Redmerski Actual rating is 3.5 the book was okay... Interesting but didn't really grab me enough to be attached to the characters.
Letters To Nowhere - Julie Cross “You can’t conquer everything in a day. Or even a week. Maybe not even a year. There’s no way to work hard at grieving. You just have to let it happen. And you are, so don’t fight it.”

Mom and Dad,
No more letters until I figure out where to send them. Right now they have nowhere to go.
Love, Karen

June 16th
Dear Ms. Julie Cross,

I just want to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for having the awesome skill to write books that will capture the heart of your readers like how it captured mine. From Tempest to Vortex to this contemporary YA, I think you just made it to the top of my list of favorite authors. So yeah I'm feeling grateful not just because you were too kind to provide an ARC of this book but so much more because you wrote a beautiful masterpiece that totally had me. I wish you could finish one book a day so I would have an endless supply of your work, and then I won't ever have to be disappointed with books ever again. You were very accommodating during our email exchanges and I love it when authors are just so nice to talk to!! So there. I will forever worship your work ;)

So much love from a die-hard fan,

This book is all about loss, grief, love, acceptance, growth and the unexpected family and connection we find in friends and sometimes even in strangers. This book was able to touch so many issues about death that my heart ached so much I'm afraid it would explode! The start of the book captivated me that I didn't notice I was burning through page after page. Can you believe that I finished this book within 10 hours? It did not bore me for one second that I wasn't able to set this book aside nor pick another book in exchange for this one. Karen is a very likable character. She is neither bitchy, whiny nor annoying, she's perfect for a normal teenager gymnast going through a tough time. You totally don't get the brooding, rebellious and emo girl who has to deal with being an orphan! You get a grieving protagonist but not an overly exaggerated one and as I said, she is perfect!! There's so much maturity in her that I can't help but admire her and embrace as well, her imperfections. I sympathize with her, I ache for her and I get her.

And the love story! Dear Lord! I was not disappointed! I always hold my breath, afraid that their little encounters might lead to insta-love or something worthy of an eye-roll, but then my worries were easily extinguished replaced not just a sigh of relief but an amusement to these two! They couldn't get any cuter, can they?! Ahhh, young, sweet, innocent love. TEAM JAREN. I love the natural chemistry between Karen and Jordan. She is not totally gushing about Jordan in the first few chapters which should exactly how normal people should react when they just met each other!! And unlike most of the books I have read, girls tend to get jealous of people they're not supposed to be jealous of just yet but with this book, that is totally not the case and it made me fall in love more with the bond slowly forming between the two! It feels like Karen's taking things one step at a time. Little baby steps, testing the waters in an unfamiliar territory. I also love how they are staying true to their "let's not cross that line" and "let's just be friends" agreement when they are together. I'm sorry but really I've read enough crap having the same agreement but doesn't seem like they agreed to anything with the way they still acted the day after making the agreement. With these two, they went through with their promise and just maintained their non-complicated, platonic relationship! Well yeah of course after some time they just have to give in to their feelings. Totally understandable!!! And you know what, the totally cliché happenings that would have made me gag had I read it in other books actually made me feel warm and fuzzy in is book, like it's the first I'm reading it.

​Jordan punched Tony in the arm, but otherwise looked unaffected.​I smiled at him and sat in front of the fire, trying to warm my hands and dry my jeans. Jordan adjusted the hat on my head, folding up the bottom to keep it from covering my eyes, then he plopped down next to me on the bench. “Give me your hands.” ​I put both hands in front of him and he held them in his, blowing warm air on them. “That’s very boyfriendly of you,” I said.
-Cliché move but the feelings it evoked from me were totally not cliché!!

“Anyway, what’s cool about me and you is that I don’t really plan stuff. I don’t know what were going to do next anymore than you do. I think it’ll happen on it’s own and we’ll both be ready for it. Whatever it is. The first time I kissed you, it was like that. I had no idea when we arrived at that part, I would leave thinking about you in a completely different way.”

Karen's letters to her parents, to Coach Bentley and Jordan and to anyone who matters to her were heartwarming and speak so much truth. It was so raw that I can really feel the honesty behind her words! I think one of the most heartbreaking part of the book was when she had a fever and she was remembering how her mom would have dealt with the situation. It was a bittersweet memory of her mom and dad and I think a tear might have slipped from my eyes. I love how awesome and supportive and loving and warm Karen's parents were to her that I can feel how hard it must be for her to lose them. Also when Stacey was combing Karen's hair after she took a bath and remembered something about how supportive Karen's mom was. This really was a tear jerker :(

This book felt realistic to me— no coincidental craps and over done situations, which made me like the book even more. I wish authors would write books with depth and that are carefully thought of just like this one. If that will be the case, I don't think I will be able to find myself doing anything else but read! Seriously, the authors should learn from Julie Cross on how to get things done just right! From the characters' personality to the issues being tackled, not once did I roll my eyes nor cursed Karen or anyone else for that matter for being overly dramatic.

Now I'm itching to know whether there will be a book 2!!! I am so not ready to let go of Karen and Jordan and Coach Bentley and the world of gymnastics!!!

Letters to Nowhere has the right mix of love, friendship, family and gymnastics wielded into it that will captivate everyone's hearts and will surely have everyone reaching for a Kleenex in no time. So come August, NEVER hesitate because I am a hundred and ten percent that this will be worth every penny. :-)
Frostbite - Richelle Mead Roza and Dimka ❤

“You can't force love, I realized. It's there or it isn't. If it's not there, you've got to be able to admit it. If it is there, you've got to do whatever it takes to protect the ones you love.”

This was a great sequel and a real page turner!! It was a fast-paced read that whenever I would glance on the page number I can't believe I have read 20pages in a minute or so. A lot has happened that surprised me, made me laugh and also got me crying.

First off, Rose's mom.. I actually pity Rose when it comes to her relationship with her mother. Their relationship is strained and not at all how a mother and daughter should be treating each other. No wonder she is the way she is... she lacks the love and care of a mom. Still she should never lose her respect to her mom and maybe she has struck a cord and went out of line (literally and figuratively) with what she said to her when they were sparring. (Side note though its seems like she has been in their clinic more often than anyone in the academy and I agree with the doctor's advice :P) and I was as shocked as Rose at what happened. I feel like n this sequel I am in tuned of Rose's emotions.

And surprise surprise in this sequel Rose got even bolder. *gasp* Could it be possible?! Apparently with Rose, yes :P it is actually amusing and less annoying. And she is so cute and adorable having this crush on Dimitri!!! But of course what's a love story without the confusing twists and complications right? I don't think trying to settle for Mason is a good idea. Crossing that bestfriend line is a huge risk!!! One she took in the hopes of forgetting Dimitri.
“Yes," he said after several moments of silence. "You are. And every second this conversation goes on, you only prove how young you really are.”
—True. But, harsh much Dmitri?!

In terms of maturity, Rose had somehow grown. She was rational more often than not and I think she's getting used to thinking before jumping right into action. She really is learning from Dimitri! Although at times, she still can be hardheaded and stubborn but it's less annoying now. Besides, a person can't change all at once overnight. I think I'm warming up to her. :D

And then one un-fateful event Rose along with Mason, Eddie, Mia and Christian were held captive by Strigois. And honestly what happened surprised me. And broke my heart a little bit. Just a little bit. At first. But nevertheless surprised me, a lot. And then slowly the hurt caught up and broke me into pieces as much as it did to Rose. :( and everything that happened after keeps breaking my heart. The way her mom comforted her was as heartbreaking as what happened during their escape. But all is well. This book kept me on my toes, it's full of action, drama and romance and I can't wait to start Shadowkiss! :-)
Just Like Fate - Cat Patrick, Suzanne Young Overall, I love this book! It reminds me of Pivot Point but so much better!! Caroline is faced with a choice one night when her sick grandmother was at a hospital of whether she would accept her friend's invitation to a party or stay beside her dying grandmother who she was living with for the past years after her mom and dad got divorced. So basically every chapter is an interchanging story of what happened when Caroline stayed and went. What I love most about this book is that each choice has its consequences. Each choice has made her go through a lot of pain and hardship which in the end made her stronger and more mature. I love that both story has basically the same substance and end. Although I'm really really curious to know as to whether she stayed or went but whatever, either choice has given me my happy ending so I'm not complaining but I must admit, I LOVE her choice of going more than staying because I think it is where she has grown more. This was a book about Caroline's grieving process and reconciliation with the members of her family, most especially with her sister Natalie. Both decision made her relationship with each one of her parents and siblings much better and peaceful. I may be annoyed as to who Caroline became when she didn't go to the party. It felt like she became weaker and more prone to stupidity instead of being braver. But I guess the end made up for her bad decisions. Also it felt like Caroline and Chris' connection in this decision was forced and maybe she was too trusting of Chris? I mean, "what if" Chris was a psycho stalker?? Right?? That is why I like her decision of going to the party better. Because even if it seemed like she ran away from her grief and problems, at least she became a stronger person and there was more build up in Caroline and Chris' relationship. Although I think they fell in love too fast I can overlook it given that Chris is such an adorable and sweet boyfriend.

So yeah, this was a nice book, made me tear up a little beat, made me smile and fall in love with Chris so I suggest you pick this one up, it's worth your time promise :)
The Book of Broken Hearts - Sarah Ockler "Don't settle... You see something, some chance for something great, you take it. You grab your keys and jump on your bike and go, no regrets."

The book of broken hearts.. Well let me tell you, this book really breaks hearts. It broke mine. The Alzheimer's of Jude's father and his episodes of mistaking people for another and suddenly not recognizing where he is is truly and deeply heartbreaking.

"How could someone so whole and alive be shriveling up inside?"

And for Jude to witness it and have to deal with it is understandably painful and hard on her part. Because at her age, her father is supposed to be the one taking care of her and not the other way around. And Jude seeing her father's memory slowly degenerating and dwindling into an abyss is truly gut wrenching. And honestly I hate her "bestfriend" Zoe at for being a coward and not doing her job as Jude's friend. She's supposed to be one of those people who understands instead of those who criticize and judge with their narrow minds. Never mind those pricks, it was really touching that Jude is doing the Valentina restoration in the hopes of his father getting better. And I admire her for not losing hope despite the doctor's advices. No wonder her father loves her most among his daughters.

"Maybe it was the long goodbye, the longest one ever. But it was worse than that too. Because in that goodbye were a hundred hellos, everyday brand new, as if we were meeting for the very first time."

Now Jude and her sisters made a pact a long time ago that they will never ever get involved with any of the Vargas brothers since Celi (one of Jude's older sisters) got her heart broken by a Vargas. I though it was a simple cheating stint done by her boyfriend but it turned out it was something deeper and more heartbreaking. BUT 5yrs after, it should not have been this big of a deal especially when it comes to Jude who was only a kid back then. And besides, Emilio didn't do anything to deserve their wrath just because he is the brother of the bastard who broke Celi's heart!

And ahh, Emilio. One like-able male specimen who may come off as a cliche being a badass ducati/harley/bike loving and owning mechanic with a big heart, BUT there's something unique in him I can't quite pinpoint that still makes me swoon :P and the banter between the two of them!!! They were so cute and Jude is too cute trying to resist Emilio's charms when we all know she won't last and will give in at the end of the day!!

"In a whole string of maybes, there was one thing I knew with absolute certainty. Eilio Vargas didn't deserve a page in the Book of Broken Hearts."

My teen tiny problem about the love story was that it lacks connection between Jude and Emilio. I mean, yes, it was described that both are attracted to each other but I didn't feel it. There was a tiny spark, but that was it. Also in between conversations, too much unnecessary details were thrown. I wish the conversations will just flow smoothly so their impact will be more significant.

All in all the book was a nice read and at the same time heavy and sad. It is a book that deals with a loved one who has Alzheimer's and how the Jude and her family coped with it. How despite every unfavorable situation they were put through their love for their father never wavered. This book taught me how to live life at its fullest and that love above everything else can conquer even Alzheimer's. Truly once again Ms. Ockler has managed to deliver one heartbreaking yet at the same time heartwarming read, tugging on our heartsrings yet again.

“Part of me knows one more day won’t do anything except postpone the heartbreak. But another part of me believes differently. We are born in one day. We die in one day. We can change in one day. And we can fall in love in one day. Anything can happen in just one day.”

Traveling. This book is all about finding love while traveling. Being in love while you're in the journey of your life. It felt like I was traveling with "Lulu" and Willem as I read the book. I was in love with Forman's writing! I did not just fall in love with it, I loved it. And with every new adult book out there, I say this is the best. During and after reading this book, I may consider doing a spontaneous travel once I can afford it and meet strangers along the way just like what Allyson and Willem did. And I just felt the need to point out that if you are an awesome writer, you need not write in intricate details the part of how they made love, making it look like a porno and making the readers hot and horny in order to show them how they express their love for each other. Sometimes, less is enough and more heartfelt, and that is what exactly Forman did that made me respect this book on another level. Just. Perfect. :") and you know what amazes me more? I usually love my romances sweet yet slow. I hate that love at first sight shenanigans everyone is so googly-eyed about. But with this book it didn't matter if it was just for one day because I felt how genuine the love was. And this I think is the perfect depiction of love at first sight. But then on to the end of part one and the second part of the book, I didn't think my heart could get this broken. Like really broken, pieces of it scatted everywhere. I feel as lost as Allyson. I mean, yeah it was a one night stand but doesn't anyone get it? It's Paris!! And no matter how impossible it may seem, with love there is nothing impossible. Cheesy right? But as I said, I feel the genuineness of their love. It is indeed the one stain that won't come off. Something that I know even Willem is crazy thinking about for a year. And the anticipation of when and where they will bump into each other next is killing me because I think when they meet again, the sight of Willem will break Allyson's heart. This part was the most heartbreaking. She had no one. Because no one simply understands as her heart shrivels into nothingness. But the moment she found Dee I can't help but feel relived for Allyson because finally, FINALLY someone who can understand came. And then slowly she finds friendship in Kali and Jenn too and I can't stop beaming like a proud momma because finally Allyson is learning to branch out and make friends!

On to her journey back Paris my heart swelled with so much hope everytime she comes up with a lead and then get disappointed when she would meet a dead end. That moment when she FINALLY found him, the moment when they were finally face to face I was crying and bawling my eyes out anticipating but then I met my own dead end. The book ended. And that is cruel Ms. Forman. Just really cruel :(

Maybe for some realists this book is full of crap. For them who don't believe in happily ever afters, princesses, love at first sight and spontaneity, this book may come off as absurd. But for people like us, who believe and hope, this book is a treasure. This book is MAGNIFIQUE :) and as quoted in the book "..the world was full of nothing but possibility." telling us that once upon a time we must let ourselves go and believe how powerful love can be. Haters can hate, but for lovesick fools and hopeful romantics like me, Forman was able to make me swoon, fall in love, be in love, get heartbroken, be frustrated, feel lost and then found and just felt about every emotion I mustered from reading this book.

And I am DYING... really DYING to get my hands on Just One Year. And now after doing this review, I'm on the mission of finding out whether the ARCs for this book is available for request and right now at this moment, I am DESPERATE to find out what's going to happen. WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME. WHYYY.
Unraveling - Elizabeth Norris
“If we belong to two different worlds, how could we ever be together?”


But behold, this is not a book full of happily ever afters. Actually this book has more sadness in it than joy. I admire Janelle that even though the world is fucking with her life, that even though the world has thrown every possible misfortune it can throw to her, she still managed to hold on to her sanity. This was a great book that ensnared me from page 1 until the end.

The plot is unique compared to all the other YA sci-fi I've read because it deals with multiverses and I had not guessed that. FYI I don't pay much attention to blurbs because even blurbs are sometimes spoilers and I hate spoilers so as much as possible I read the blurb once when I discover it, and then months after the book comes out and I remember how awesome this book sounded back thenI dive right in it without any background knowledge about it. I love being surprised. :)

I admit the book dragged out a little bit in the middle. Or got boring somewhere there—hence the 4 stars nevertheless, it has kept me interested all throughout the story and I could not have loved this book any less. :)

The twists and turns were surprising, ones which I would not have guessed, but nothing like WTF-OMG-i-did-not-see-that-coming kind of moments.

The romance was okay, I like Ben even from the beginning but it felt like they just got too sappy towards the end but since overall, I liked the book, I'm willing to overlook it. And I wish she could have built more character into Nick because I actually think he is a nice guy and being dumped by Janelle just because she has this newfound connection with Ben was just wrong!

All in all, a great sci-fi read! I have no clue how this trilogy will end or how will it ever be possible for Janelle and Ben to ever be together because trust me, it will be suicidal for the author to have Ben stay over at Janelle's universe or vice versa just because of how they are feeling for each other. The has to be a deeper reason if ever that happens or she MUST find a way for them to be together :P or maybe have some equally bad boy hottie steal Janelle from Ben. Whatever. just give Janelle a break and a HEA, please ;) so, yeah.. Can't wait for Unbreakable! :)
In the Shadow of Blackbirds - Cat Winters This book is truly a creeptastic read!! But mostly this was just tragic. So tragic I wish I haven't learned what a war and a flu can bring to a country. I'm still shivering from terror. Full review to come!